Prairie Dolphin hits The Globe & Mail. Check out the wave-hugging illustration!

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Under the influence of too much art-house cinema and many great pop songs, debauched romance junkies Annie Jones and Isobel Sparks screech off on an epic roadtrip from Edmonton to Montréal. In hot pursuit of musicians and big adventure they tilt at windmills on the prairies and are chased by the demons of love gone wrong. Annie hopes to convince troubadour extraordinaire Hawksley Workman that she is more than a just a regular fan. Sometimes it can take more than 8000 kms to get on the right road. Cadillac Couches is an homage to folk festivals and gigs, buddies and capers, and a paean celebrating the importance of making your mark.

Cadillac Couches was released by Brindle & Glass Publishing September 4, 2012 and is available for purchase in bookstores and online.

“I love this angsty, already-of-age, road trip tale of awkward, idealistic music worshipping and very real people who party and suffer as only post-eighties people know how!” —Ben Sures, singer-songwriter

Here’s the new trailer to give you a taste of the book!

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